Journal for Veterinary Medicine, Biotechnology and Biosafety

Volume 8, Issue 1–2, May 2022, Pages 12–16

ISSN 2411-3174 (print version) ISSN 2411-0388 (online version)


Stegniy B. T., Stegniy M. Yu., Isakov М. М.

National Scientific Center ‘Institute of Experimental and Clinical Veterinary Medicine’, Kharkiv, Ukraine, e-mail:

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Citation for print version: Stegniy, B. T., Stegniy, M. Yu. and Isakov, М. М. (2022) ‘Use of GIS technologies to analyze the spread of Marek’s disease virus in Ukraine’, Journal for Veterinary Medicine, Biotechnology and Biosafety, 8(1–2), pp. 12–16.

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Citation for online version: Stegniy, B. T., Stegniy, M. Yu. and Isakov, М. М. (2022) ‘Use of GIS technologies to analyze the spread of Marek’s disease virus in Ukraine’, Journal for Veterinary Medicine, Biotechnology and Biosafety. [Online] 8(1–2), pp. 12–16. DOI: 10.36016/JVMBBS-2022-8-1-2-2.

Summary. The article presents data on the use of GIS technologies to visualize the spread of Marek’s disease virus in Ukraine since 2011. The ArcGis v. 10.4.1 was used as a geographic information system. Three vector maps were designed, with different data on Marek’s disease virus outbreaks, and a map showing the density of the poultry population in Ukraine, to better understand the possible risks associated with the spread of the virus and to predict the epizootic situation regarding Marek’s disease

Keywords: ArcGis, vector maps, risk assessment


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