Issue 2

Journal for Veterinary Medicine, Biotechnology and Biosafety

Volume 3, Issue 2, June 2017, Pages 37–44

ISSN 2411-3174 (print version) ISSN 2411-0388 (online version)


Fedota O. M. 1 , Ruban S. Yu. 2 , Lysenko N. G. 1,*, Goraichuk I. V. 3 , Tyzhnenko T. V. 1 , Mitioglo L. V. 4 , Dzhus P. P. 5 , Birukova O. D. 5

1 V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, Kharkiv, Ukraine, e-mail:

2 LLC ‘MPK Ekaterinoslavsky’, Dnipro, Ukraine

3 National Scientific Center ‘Institute of Experimental and Clinical Veterinary Medicine’, Kharkiv, Ukraine

4 DP DG ‘Nyva’, Khrystynivka, Ukraine

5 Institute of Animal Breeding and Genetics nd. a. M. V. Zubets of NAAS, Chubynske, Ukraine

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Citation for print version: Fedota, O. M., Ruban, S. Yu., Lysenko, N. G., Goraichuk, I. V., Tyzhnenko, T. V., Mitioglo, L. V., Dzhus, P. P. and Birukova, O. D. (2017) ‘Analysis of SNPS F279Y and S555G in growth hormone receptor gene in beef and dairy cattle breeds’, Journal for Veterinary Medicine, Biotechnology and Biosafety, 3(2), pp. 37–44.

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Citation for online version: Fedota, O. M., Ruban, S. Yu., Lysenko, N. G., Goraichuk, I. V., Tyzhnenko, T. V., Mitioglo, L. V., Dzhus, P. P. and Birukova, O. D. (2017) ‘Analysis of SNPS F279Y and S555G in growth hormone receptor gene in beef and dairy cattle breeds’, Journal for Veterinary Medicine, Biotechnology and Biosafety. [Online] 3(2), pp. 37–44. Available at:

Summary. Effect of growth hormone on animal growth and metabolism is mediated by interaction with the specific receptor (GHR). Marker-assisted selection programs in cattle include SNPs in GHR gene regarding their association with fertility and lactation performance. The aim was to analyze the relation between SNPs F279Y and S555G in GHR gene with growth traits in Aberdeen-Angus and tp draw comparisons with beef and dairy cattle of other countries. SNP genotyping was performed with PCR-RFLP methods. Statistical methods included Pearson’s chi-squared test, Pearson’s correlation coefficient r and ANOVA. The allele and genotype frequencies of SNP F279Y (rs385640152; g. 914T>A) are: T — 0.69 and A — 0.31; TT — 62.1%, TA — 13.8% and AA — 24.1% (n = 58); SNP S555G (rs109300983; g. 257A>G) are: A — 0.86 and G — 0.14; AA — 73.1%, AG — 25.0% and GG — 1.9% (n = 58). Population is in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium for S555G, contrary to F279Y. Animals with AA-genotype of SNP F279Y are characterized by the higher ADG (+40–100 g/day), as well as body weight at 8 month (+10–30 kg) and 2 years (up to +40 kg). In total dairy breeds group the frequency of T‑allele in SNP F279Y negatively correlated with milk yield (r=–0.713).

Keywords: Aberdeen-Angus breed, growth hormone receptor gene, SNP F279Y, SNP S555G


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